Solosolar is the social embodiement of Sunbridge Solar operating in Colombia. We aim to educate primary and secondary teachers about renewable energy and bring electricity into schools located in remote areas of the country.


To succeed in our mission we provide teachers with learning resources about renewable energy. These are both practical and theoretical resources. They can be used in different contexts, inside and outside of the classroom.

Give back

We have provided multiple schools with renewable energy. By installing solar panels on their roofs, they are able to improve the quality of education. We would like to ask for your support to help more schools.


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Natalia Gomez

"Founding Solosolar is a dream coming true. I can do two things I love, install more renewable energy and teach children to be more conscious about energy and the future.”


"As a teacher I really appreciate the material that Solosolar provides. The curricula make it very fun to teach my children about renewable energy. I can recommend it to any teacher."


"Natalia and here team impacted my life by showing how energy is generated and how we need to be more sustainable while using the energy generated.”


"Since the start of the partnershipwith Solosolar, it was a pleasure to see the team develop new projects. I really enjoy bringing renewable energies into the schools."

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